BARNABAS: Kizz Daniel’s 7-tracks EP! YULETIDE to Remember

Kizz Daniel
Kizz Daniel

Last Updated on February 13, 2023 by Okoro Daniel O.

Outstanding and ingenious multi-award-winning Afrobeats, Pop, R&B singer and songwriter, Kizz Daniel releases his latest collection of Afroclassic songs through his sterling new EP “BARNABAS” which promises stellar quality listening with a constellation of songs, neatly handpicked and accentuated by the help of top-notch producers: Blaise Beatz, Reward Beatz, Young Jon, Roc Legion, Philkeyz and Coublon who worked tirelessly to see that this body of work lives up to Kizz Daniel’s calibre of artistry.

Oshe’, one of the Afro-classic album’s strongest songs with its hard-charging hooks, sassy kiss-offs and radiant sparkle, becomes one of the defining titles for the Kizz Daniel brand. Produced by serial hit-maker, Blaize Beatz with backing vocals by the Cavemen, ‘Oshe‘ is a toast to music lovers who believe in the age-old language of love and emotion. Without a doubt, this song is a classic revelation of Kizz Daniel‘s humourous side in lighthearted, funny and witty anecdotes; a truth to the fact that this is a musical visionary with an instinctive ear for great sounds.

Where ‘Addict‘, the second song on the EP is a well-served dish by an instinctive artiste who knows how to use his voice in ways that continue to wow his audiences far and wide in a track so good, its brimming with a cascade of instrumentation, at par with outstanding vocals; ‘Skin‘ featuring deeply talented musician, Kelvyn Colt who catapulted out of Berlin‘s underground scene, closes out the EP in an expected burst of sounds as both massively talented artistes brought their A-game to create the magic that is this EP.

In the EP whose title means Son Of Encouragement — an Aramaic name, ‘Barnabas‘, the title track is loaded with pomp and hospitality, starting a new chapter and verse for Afropop and R&B sounds. In upbeat and assured lyrics, Kizz is the first to insist that his songs are fun and it’s okay to enjoy them on those terms alone. This sultry singer and his production team have clearly mastered the illusion of genre, as though they fashioned ‘Barnabas‘ into a plastic lenticular print, funneling all of their energy into making a towering monument to produce a direct and powerful kind of neurological pleasure: inexplicable in its appeal and painstakingly addictive by design.


  1. Pour Me Water
  2. Addict
  3. Eh God (Barnabas)
  4. Oshe (Feat. The Cavemen)
  5. Burn
  6. Lie
  7. Skin (Feat. Kelvyn Colt)

Other incredible songs on the Barnabas EP are ‘Pour Me Water‘, ‘Burn‘ and the mega-hit single ‘Lie‘. At 7 tracks, the highly anticipated  ‘Barnabas‘ EP is hardly lean and the attention to detail is so potent that this work becomes a collector’s item with its engine of uncompromising bridges and choruses. It’s difficult to hit pause at any point in the EP’s first four songs; thereafter, Kizz takes us on an adventure of sounds in the last three songs of the EP — which are, as it turns out, very easy for a regular person to sing along to.

With the most incredible musical successes, Kizz Daniel is an artiste of many parts, never losing his essence and if his recent instant hit single and fan favourite ‘Lie’ is anything to go by, this fresh body of work is an embodiment of the divine gift of music, a celebration of musical arrangements dipped in high class artistry and capped with the flawless texture of his vocals. ‘Barnabas‘, the EP which is hotly tipped by Africa‘s biggest tastemakers as that one body of work that will be instrumental to setting the tone of music in Nigeria and Africa in the coming year, is out on all digital platforms.

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