BELINDA EFFAH: Complete History, Biography, Family, State Of Origin, Net Worth, Age And Photos Of Grace-Charis Bassey Effah

Grace-Charis Bassey Effah
Grace-Charis Bassey Effah

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FULL NAME: Belinda Uyu Effah.
SOBRIQUET: Grace-Charis Bassey Effah (or Bassey Effah).
DATE OF BIRTH: December 14, 1989.
RELIGION: Christianity.
HEIGHT: [citation needed].
STATE OF ORIGIN: Cross River State, Nigeria.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Cross River State, Nigeria.
PARENTS: [citation needed].
SPOUSE | HUSBAND: None (as of 2021) [citation needed]
OCCUPATION: Actress, TV Show Host, CEO, Exec.Producer/Creator.
FOUNDER OF: House of Belinda (HOB) – GCBEmpire.
LANGUAGES: Efik, Pidgin, Igbo, English.
NET WORTH: $5 million (as of 2021)
SOURCE OF INCOME: Film making, Brand deals, business.
YEAR ACTIVE: 2005 – till date.
— Elementary School: Hillside International Nursery & Primary School, Port Harcourt.
— Middle School: Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Port Harcourt.
— High School: Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Port Harcourt.
— College: University of Calabar (UNICAL).
— COURSE STUDIED IN COLLEGE: Genetics and Bio-Technology.
NET WORTH: As at December, 2021, Bassey Effah’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million .
INSTAGRAM: Bassey Effah
FACEBOOK: Bassey Effah
TWITTER: Bassey Effah
YOUTUBE: Bassey Effah


Grace-Charis Bassey Effah is a Nigerian actress, model, presenter, and CEO of GCBEmpire, born on December 14, 1989.

Life And Career


Grace-Charis Bassey was born Belinda Uyu Effah on December 14, 1989, in Cross River State, a coastal state in Southern Nigeria.


Bassey Effah had her primary and secondary education at Hillside International Nursery & Primary School and Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Port Harcourt respectively. She furthered her studies at the University of Calabar (UNICAL), majoring in Genetics and Bio-Technology (BTE).


At the age of 16, Effah made her first television debut in the 2005 TV series Shallow Waters. Afterwards, she took a break from the series to feature in the reality show Next Movie Star. She finished 5th, and was never evicted from the house.

She was once a television presenter for Sound City, a Nigerian Entertainment cable station. However, she left the station to start her own TV show titled Lunch Break with Belinda.

Some Movies by Bassey Effah

  • Locked (2019)
  • Refugees (2019)
  • Flirting with Fifty (2017)
  • Talking Dolls (2017)
  • The Lost Café (2017)
  • Troubled Waters (2017)
  • Game Up (2019)
  • Miracle (2020)
  • No, I Don’t)
  • Kokomma (2012)
  • Alan Poza (2013)
  • Stranger than Ever (2017)
  • Pretty Little Thing (2017)
  • Our Dirty Secrets (2017)
  • Havillah (2013)
  • Cat and Mouse, Belinda Effah featuring Aki and PawPaw (2018)
  • Desperate Housegirls (2015)
  • Being Single (2015)
  • The Banker (2015)
  • Luke of Lies (2015)
  • Black Val (2015)
  • Web of Love (2015)
  • Bambitious (2014)
  • Jump and Pass (2014)
  • Apaye (2014)
  • Oracles Online (2015)
  • House Husband (2015)
  • 2017 (2020)
  • Cash Daddy (2017)
  • A Star in Heaven (2017)
  • Caged Heart (2017)
  • Blood in the Lagoon (2017)
  • Sister Sister: The Movie (2018)
  • A Break from Reality (2018)
  • 2Broken (2016)
  • Chop Banana (2016)
  • So in Love (2016)
  • From Freetown TL (2016)
  • S.A Girl (2018)
  • Drive (2019)
  • Mumu Button (2020)
  • Return of Jamal (2020)
  • Antenup (2020)


GCBEmpire logo
GCBEmpire logo

GCBEmpire is a Lifestyle and fashion company founded by Grace-Charis Bassey Effah on May 04, 2019.

Currently, no physical (offline) office address, the company runs online on Instagram.

Personal Life

In one of the interviews had with her, she revealed that the disciplinary nature of her dad towards his 14 children was very helpful in shaping her career.


Bassey Effah was born into the family of 14 children.

Net Worth

As at 2021, Grace-Charis Bassey Effah is estimated to be worth a whooping $5 million.

Awards And Nominations

Grace-Charis Bassey Effah has been nominated for more than 9 different awards, he’s won 6 out of 9 (as of 2021).

They include;

Year Award Category Film Result
2012 Best of Nollywood Awards Most Promising Act (female) Kokomma Won
Golden Icons Academy Awards Best New Actress Won
2013 Nollywood Movies Awards Best Rising Star Won
Nollywood Movies Awards Best Indigenous Actress Nominated
Africa Movie Academy Awards Most Promising Act Udeme Mmi Won
Ntanta Award Won
2014 ELOY Awards Movie Actress of the Year After The Proposal Nominated
2014 2014 Golden Icons Academy Movie Award Best Supporting Actress APAYE Won
2016 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards Best Actress in a Drama Stop Nominated

Throwback Photos of Grace-Charis Bassey Effah


Grace-Charis Bassey Effah 2021
Grace-Charis Bassey Effah, 2021


Grace-Charis Bassey Effah 2020
Grace-Charis Bassey Effah, 2020



















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