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Gloria Oloruntobi Maraji

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FULL NAME: Gloria Oloruntobi.
DATE OF BIRTH: February 6th, 1997.
RELIGION: Christianity.
STATE OF ORIGIN: Edo(Benin City) State, Nigeria.
OCCUPATION: Film Maker, Comedian, Content Creator, Actress.
GENRE: Freestyle Comedy.
LANGUAGES: Edo, Yoruba, Pidgin, Igbo, English.
LABEL: Self Signed.
YEAR ACTIVE: 2015 – till date.
ALMA MATER: Covenant University
NET WORTH: Loading….
INSTAGRAM: Gloria Oloruntobi – Maraji
TWITTER: Gloria Olorunto
YOUTUBE: Maraji’s World

Gloria Oloruntobi is a Nigerian comedian known professionally as Maraji, born on February 6, 1997 in Edo state, Nigeria. In 2015, Maraji began her career by making lip sync videos and mimicking of songs. She is known for role-plays in her comedy skits and switches between accents and vocal pitches to suit each character she plays. Maraji, just like Twyse, Taaooma, Aphricanace (Dami Olatunde), KlintonCOD and many others gained popularity by creating a single cast contents while switching roles. In 2017, Maraji was featured in the music videos for Falz‘s “Something Light” and Yemi Alade’s “Single and Searching”.

Life and career

Early Life

Maraji was born on February 6, 1997 in Edo state, into a family of two, a sister, and herself. She grew up in Lagos.


Maraji’s career (the birth of Maraji) started by uploading lip-sync videos on social media. She started in 2015 when she was in her third year in college [See Alma Mater], during 2nd semester holiday as a result of boredom . While on conversation with a friend whom asked if she has heard Nicki Minaj’s latest release. Surprisingly, she did a lip-sync of the song and sent it to her friend who ended finding the video very interesting, and gave a suggestion that she should upload the video to her Instagram account but was reluctant due to fear of being mocked.
Later, she realized her friend has posted the video without her consent and fortunately, the video gained attention from online users with positive reviews.
This further triggered Maraji and her friend’s morale and began making more lip-sync videos during the holidays. They however agreed to stop as soon as school resumes.

Contrarily to their decisions, few days after resumption, Reekado Banks released a debut single ‘Sugar Baby’ and Maraji ended up making a lip-sync video for the song and her video was reposted by Reekado Banks on his Instagram page. The repost boasted her social media presence and made many online users to follow her on her Instagram page. While some followed her to inquire about how she made the video, some ended becoming her fans.

Do You Know That; Maraji’s real name is Gloria Oloruntobi

Days after, she made another lip-sync videos for songs by Korede Bello and Skales and they both reposted her videos on their official Instagram handles. This motivated her to make even more lip-sync videos. More videos, more repost, more followers.
Later, she decided to be dynamic and started making lip-sync videos of popular comedy videos where she acted crazier than the original character but with the same audio. This earned her even more followers than the song lip-sync videos.
After building a huge followers on Instagram. She officially switched to making comedy skits.


Maraji 2016 graduation photo

Maraji is from Edo State. She gained her bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Covenant University in 2016. And graduated with a second class upper at the age of 19.

Film Making


Initially, Maraji began her career making lip-syncing videos and miming songs. Dated back to October 17, 2014 was Maraji’s first post on Instagram, wishing her mom happy birthday. However, after almost a year later, (July 3, 2015), she posted her first lip-sync video. Although the turn-up wasn’t much, she uploaded another video on July 5, 2015 – this time, her mom joined her in the video. This goes on-and-on till January 26, 2016 when she began mimicking funny comedy videos. Apart from her Instagram account, she also has a account where she creates lip synchronization videos.


After building a huge followers on Instagram. She officially switched to making comedy skits. Following her social media presence, she was featured in the music videos for Falz’s “Something Light” and Yemi Alade’s “Single and Searching”. So far she has produced many comedy skits which includes; Different People when Arguing, BOLLYWOOD DANCE BE LIKE, When you tell people your problems, Meeting new people, African mothers prayers be like, lockdown and chill?, WHATSAPP MOM RIGHT NOW, PARENTS VS SCHOOL and many more…

Maraji claimed that even though she is never satisfied, she never knew she would be on this path.
For her creative process, she said she pens her ideas down, before spending two hours shooting and editing. The entire process for her skit production takes, “a day or two before the final content is ready to go up.”
Maraji has earned over 1.2 million followers on Instagram where she creates skits about everything you’ll consider from gossip, mimicking, friendship to film and tv.

Personal Life


Maraji was born on February 6, 1997, into a family of two, a sister, and herself. When Maraji started, her father wasn’t aware that she was making comedy skits but her mother was fully aware and gave her full support right from the onset till now. While she was still in school, her mother ensured that she balances the equation and doesn’t lack behind either in school or in content creation.


Maraji with MIDE WEY – in June 27, 2016

Maraji is currently in a private relationship and has promised to reveal the lucky guy whenever he proposes to her.

Net Worth

In 2018, Maraji disclosed that she charges ₦500,000 to ₦1,000,000 per Instagram sponsored post.
She earns monthly on YouTube and has won several endorsements, including Coke Studio Africa.
Currently, Maraji’s net worth is estimated $250,000.

Awards and nominations

On March 5, 2016 , Maraji won Covenant University College ball award of 2016 for ONLINE PERSONALITY. She was nominated for Prize for Comedy at the 2017 and 2018 The Future Awards Africa. She was also nominated for Comedy Act of the Year at the 2018 City People Music Awards. In October 14, 2016, she also won MTV Base LSB(Lip Sync Challenge Battle Africa) Challnge Winner of $5,000.

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Throwback Photos of Maraji


Maraji 2020 throwback photo


Maraji 2019 throwback photo


Maraji throwback photo of 2018


Maraji 2017


Maraji 2016 throwback photo

Maraji 2016 throwback photo with native


Maraji throwback photo 2015


Maraji and mom throwback photo 2014


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Maraji two-year old picture


Maraji three-months old picture

Some Maraji’s Award Photos

LSB Award

Maraji LSB Challenge Award

Covenant Online Personality Award

Maraji Covenant Award

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