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Ultimate YouTube Engagement Hacks!

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YouTube is a source for learning new skills and even getting a job. It’s also full of amazing tutorials, reviews on products, tips and tricks to make your life easier, and interesting videos that will entertain you. The popularity of YouTube has increased significantly in recent years, with over 1 billion people using it every month. This has made it one of the most powerful Youtube marketing tools on earth thus making it a powerful source of earning.

People are even able to make a living off it! But as much as earning, as many visitors. 

How to increase traffic?

YouTube engagement is a popular marketing trend nowadays and if you are looking for some ways to engage your audience, here are some great options.

The first way to engage with people is to go social! Use video comments to promote your channel. The video creator will get a notification when you comment on their content, so they will be interested in knowing what you have to say. Make sure that your comment is interesting or unique in some way since the creator will probably not read long comments.

If you want to comment on multiple videos, then make a list of different videos that you want to comment on and go through them one by one.

To increase engagement on YouTube channels and reach out to a new audience, people are now using “sponsored videos”. Sponsored videos are typically created by advertisers to get the word out about their products. The reach of YouTube and Internet advertising is greater than anyone could have imagined, so there’s never been a better time to advertise your company with a sponsored video on YouTube. However, these sponsored videos can also be produced and edited by YouTubers themselves to further climb up the ranks of the YouTube elite.

To increase engagement for your YouTube channel and build a community of followers, it’s also important to keep the interactions consistent. By posting a third-party product video, you’re able to reach out to a wider audience of people who may have not been interested in your sponsored videos otherwise.

Many YouTubers choose between narrating over footage that they record themselves or using footage provided by an advertiser. If you choose to record yourself, make sure you have the right to use that footage as an advertisement on YouTube. If you are using footage that was previously produced by another source (i.e., your favorite TV show) make sure that the owner of the content has no issues with their material being used on the Internet and is covered under fair use laws

The Hacks to do it are:

1. Use of burning topics for content 

Buzzing topics such as the amazon fires, or the recent storms in California, the Gyanvapi temple scenario can often lead to high levels of natural disasters. With climate change and all of its effects already happening, this is one way that you can help reduce the effects and make a difference.

Also, be consistently uploading. If you take some time away from posting new content your channel will in turn suffer. Viewers (especially subscribers) have a difficult time sticking around when they know you aren’t consistently putting out videos. You are better off keeping them engaged on a regular schedule so when you do upload something new it becomes a special event.

2. Subscribers can be bought

With the use of purchasable subscribers, using a system like wired pay you can have as many people following your account that you want.

3. Share the video with your network

The most important thing is to share videos with your friends and followers on platforms like Facebook and Twitter as well as email them to relevant contacts. This is crucial because you are likely targeting content for specific demographics which means being able to target specific people makes the entire process much simpler.

4. Replying to comments

Being active on Twitter, and posting to Instagram can help YouTube creators build a community of people who are genuinely interested in their work. Without this support, it’s difficult to stay motivated and produce videos consistently.

Also replying to comments and being active can help establish a level of trust with viewers, which makes you more likely to be accepted as an authority in your field.

5. Use of Hashtags

Using hashtags can often bring in some more targeted followers if you use the right ones. There are a lot of directories that make it so easy to use them. Finding popular hashtags can sometimes be hard, but once you find the right ones, they work well to help bring in new targeted followers to your account.


This is probably the most important factor you need to consider when buying YouTube subscribers. There’s no point in pleasing everyone with great content if no one watches or shares it.

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