Is “Forever” Remix By Gyakie Feat. Omah Lay Worth It? [Music Review]

Last Updated on February 13, 2023 by Okoro Daniel O.

Gyakie‘s “Forver” obviously don’t necessarily need that remix. It was way below average compared to the main song.
Oh, yeah…! “Market strategy to penetrate Nigeria market ecosystem”, cool, of course! But that song is nowhere near what was expected. I feel Omah Lay didn’t try enough. He probably just did it for doing sake, “oh, you wanna feature me? Okay then, let me just be on the song”, I believe that’s what it is.

Uhm, I know he’s your fav artist and of course “can’t do no wrong”.

But as a music lover and ardent listener of keys just like counting frames in a clip, trust me, it’s way beyond expectation.

From recent projects of Omah Lay, I think he is more of ‘amorous’ to normal ‘blues’. In Nigeria, I’d rather she feature Chike, Ric Hassani, Johnny Drile or even Fireboy to Omah Lay.

Or still, since Omah Lay is the choice, then they sit down together and recompose the lyrics properly instead of the whole hyper auto-tune stuff.

I’d rather you make a good song than make a feature because of popularity influence.

Hey, don’t get it all wrong, Omah Lay is a very good artist and I love him. He’s one of my favourite artist too. But I think he didn’t do enough.

Adios. ✌

Again, remix of “Forever” by Gyakie featuring Omah Lay is out on all platform. Go check it out guys.

I also think Teni using almost similar style of “case” in “For You” c’est incroyable. ✔️

By Okoro Daniel O.

Stream “Forever” by Gyakie Video Here:

“Forever” Remix Feat. Omah Lay:

Who is Omah Lay? | Biography

Stanley Omah Didia (born May 19 1997) known professionally as Omah Lay is a singer, songwriter, record producer. He first gained prominence in 2020 after his debut single ‘You’ went viral. He started off as a producer and songwriter in Port Harcourt but only made up his mind to take up singing when he realized he doesn’t get enough credit for the songs he helped create for others. He then recorded and put out ‘Do not Disturb’ and ‘Hello Brother’ in his hometown Port Harcourt which earned him a record deal with KeyQaad – a new record label at the time.

Who Is Gyakie? | Biography

Birthed into a family of musicians, Ghanaian singer Gyakie is continuing a legacy of boldly African musicianship. She is the daughter of 80’s highlife music legend Ernest ‘Owoahene’ Nana Acheampong, but has come into her own as singer and songwriting, releasing her debut EP Seed last August.

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