Long-Distance Relationships: 6 Ways to Celebrate a Romantic Holiday. Pro TIPS


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If you are in a long-distance relationship with a partner, then you should know that you are not alone. According to the Institute for Brain Research, 14 million couples are dating in the same way in the USA.

Just imagine how many couples have long-distance relationships around the world. The fact that you live in different cities or even countries doesn’t mean that you should forget about all the romantic holidays.

On the contrary, due to rare meetings, you should try to show attention and care at every opportunity because this is one of the few ways to talk about how grateful you are to your partner for being there. We have gathered several ways to surprise a loved one and celebrate a romantic holiday with them so that it will be remembered for a long time.

1. Write a letter

It’s not about texting in messengers or on some single ladies dating site, but a paper letter. Many psychotherapists claim that such a gift does not require too much time to prepare, but it turns out to be one of the most intimate things that evoke pleasant emotions and spine goosebumps. You can let your imaginations run wild: buy several cards, sign them and send them on random days. Prepare a letter for each day of a month and send them in turn or take your common photos, print and leave messages directly to them.


2. Try apps for couples

You can call on Skype to have dinner together, chat in a messenger, or go further. The program captures the moment when one of the viewers pauses the video and does not allow the other to watch it further on their own. And applications like iPassion can help you find out the preferences of your beloved partner. On the Internet, you can find numerous apps that will come you in handy when you want to create the illusion of your partner’s presence next to you.


3. Surprise Visit

If you know for sure it’s appropriate, you can contact their boss or a colleague and arrange a meeting at the workplace, or hint to a partner that a surprise is waiting for them in a nearby coffee shop. Just imagine how surprised they will be when they see you there. If your partner is an admirer of everything mysterious and unusual, then you can try surprise them completely like a true spy. For example, you can call and start discussing the day-to-day stuff as you probably do that usually. Then hide somewhere nearby to appear suddenly at the most suitable moment. Only do this if you know it will be well received and never do this if you’re feeling jealous or suspicious.


4. Send a gift

Alas, not everyone can afford a trip to a loved one every time they want. However, nothing prevents to send a surprise gift. Take a colorful box and fill it with objects that will remind them of you: photos together sprinkled with your perfume, their favorite sweets or local treats that the partner cannot get at home. The choice is limited only by your imagination. You can make a thematic blind box, for example, associated with your favorite movie: collect souvenirs, pack them in opaque bags and send them to your partner. The very fact of the gift will surprise them, and the effect of surprise will only strengthen the state. You can order a gift in the city where the partner lives, ordering a courier delivery. It can be flowers, handmade sweets, their favorite buns from the café they like most or a huge pizza made in the shape of a heart. The main thing is to make sure that the partner can get a surprise.


5. Agree to celebrate every holiday that you have missed

For example, you may not be able to meet on February 14th. Set a date that will be convenient for both of you to celebrate Valentine’s Day later. You can add there the Chinese New Year, Groundhog Day, and the anniversary of your first kiss or meeting. Combine all the occasions in one personal holiday or celebrate one each day if you decide to take a vacation.


6. Arrange a treasure hunt day

This event requires extensive preparation, but it is worth it. Find someone who can help you: a mutual friend or acquaintance who lives nearby your beloved partner. Send them some items related to you and ask to hide them in places that are memorable for your couple. Later, closer to the appointed date, give the partner a map for search or give them instructions in the messengers. Alternatively, you can combine this point with your unexpected visit and wait for a loved one at the final point.


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