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Gamers just can’t get enough; not only PCs, but now they’re going after phones, too. They need devices that can support their gaming craving anytime and anywhere.

If you’re one of them, you might wonder how to pick the right gaming phone. Options are abundant, so make sure to check out these aspects to look for in a gaming phone.

Not so sure how to choose the best gaming phone for yourself? Ride along with us!

1. Operating System (OS)

Operating System (OS)

First and foremost, you need to pick the operating system you want on your new phone. Both Android and iOS offer different stuff, as each of them has different sets of specs and game options. Knowing what you want will help you to start narrowing down your phone options. Sticking with the OS you’re familiar with could do.

If you’re comfortable with Apple products, you might want to get a good iPhone as your mobile gaming device. The latest (and usually the most expensive) one will support you just great. If you want to opt for Android phones, there’s a wider range of options you can choose from. Other than the OS, you need to pay attention to some aspects of the phones, so make sure you read the rest of this article.



2. Chipset


A lot of mobile games these days require high-performing processors to run. Playing them on a low-end phone is just a torturing experience you wouldn’t want to go through. That’s why it’s important to look at the phone’s chipset quality and see if it can endure processing high-quality mobile games.

Phones that are built specifically for gaming generally have high-end processors already. Yet if you don’t want to rely on that label, look for phones with great chipsets like Snapdragon or Dimensity. Snapdragon 800-series offers the best compatibility and performance for your smooth gaming experience. The high-end Dimensity processors are also great at running heavy-duty mobile games.



3. RAM


Random Access Memory or RAM functions as a temporary storage that lets you run multiple programs at the same time. It’s an essential part of a phone, especially for gaming ones, to be able to open many apps at once. RAMs on phones these days vary in capacity, ranging from 2GB up to 18GB. Gaming phones, in general, are equipped with higher ones.

The bare minimum you need for mobile gaming would be 4GB RAM. However, you should opt for the highest one you can get within your prepared budget. Some gaming cellphones can function extremely smoothly with their high-end RAM. The more it is, the better.



4. Display


Mobile gaming can be very pleasant with a large screen—in that sense, the bigger, the better. But you can always adjust it to your preference; maybe you don’t want it to be too big to fit in your pocket. Other than the size, there are a few other things to look for when choosing a decent display for your gaming phone. Refresh rate and screen quality can impact your gaming experience tremendously.

Refresh rate is widely known among gaming PC users. The higher the number, the faster it is for the screen to redraw graphics, resulting in smoother gameplay. Regarding screen quality, you can look for AMOLED displays in phones of your choice. These displays are able to show a vibrant range of color, making it even more pleasant for the eyes while you play.



5. Cooling System

Cooling System

Running games, especially those with high-quality graphics, is a rigorous task for phones. Continuously using your phone to play games can lead to overheating. This could also cause some damage to other components of the phone. Hence, picking a phone with a built-in cooling system is crucial.

Some gaming phones are already loaded with their own cooling system. The options range from liquid to internal fan. Consider phones with this technology because you wouldn’t want to pause that exciting gaming session every few minutes due to the device’s heat. Also, holding a hot phone for an extended period doesn’t sound like a good idea.



6. Storage


Using your phone for gaming can make a huge difference. Large-sized mobile games tend to take up a lot of room on your phone. A large amount of storage is also essential to keep all your games and apps running well. Having to sacrifice some apps to make room for others is the last thing you’d want.

Like any other component, go for the largest one you can get within the budget. For example, phone memory storage goes from 32GB to 256GB. If your mobile gaming only involves lightweight games like Tetris or Sudoku, 256GB might not be that much needed. However, if games like PUBG or State of Survival are on your list, consider getting the largest storage available.



7. Battery life

Battery life

We tend to forget the time when indulging ourselves in captivating mobile games. Before we knew it, it’s been hours since we started playing. Intensive gaming also tends to drain a lot of your battery percentage, eventually decreasing the quality or even exploding it. Hence, long battery life is needed to support an excellent mobile gaming experience.

To ensure that, pay attention to battery capacity when picking up a phone. You would need at least 4,500mAh of battery capacity for comfortable gameplay. Another thing to look for is the fast-charging feature, where you can fill up the battery in a much shorter time. When your friends are already waiting in the server room, who’s got time for 2 hours of charging?


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